1. Daniel Craig Urges Activision To Make A Winning Bond Game

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-11-06

    Add Daniel Craig to the list of gamers who are hoping Activsion pulls out all the stops for their upcoming James Bond game, due to be released in 2008.

    In an article posted at Showbiz Spy, the 007 actor has revealed he’s addicted to computer games. ‘I play games. Hands up. I’m quite into ones that have a big fat story line.’

    Halo is good because it’s shooting aliens. Those ultra-violent ones I can play for half-an-hour and then I feel dirty. Vice City, for example–I think, “Oh yes, all right, I’ve stolen 18 cars. I’ve had enough now.’

    Craig continued: ‘I have to pick my time well. If my girlfriend sees the box then it’s all over. If I get some free time, when she goes away for the weekend, I’ll go and play some games.’

    ‘I can switch the phone off and not see anybody for a couple of hours. That is blissful. It’s just as well I don’t have much spare time or I would probably fritter it away playing computer games.’

    However, Craig added that he wasn’t completely keen on being involved with the tie-in James Bond games when he signed on to play 007 in Casino Royale back in 2005.

    ‘When I started signing contracts for Bond I said, “I’m not doing the computer game” and they said, “Tough, you are”.’

    ‘I said to the people making the Bond game (Activision), “You’ve got to make this good because there is so much rubbish out there”.’

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