1. Paul Haggis Joins WGA Strike; Comments On 'Bond 22' Script

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-11-05
    'Bond 22' writer Paul Haggis

    Bond 22 writer Paul Haggis

    After turning in the draft screenplay for Bond 22 almost two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times reports that the writer has now joined the picket line outside Sony Pictures as part of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike.

    Calling the heated dispute with Hollywood producers ‘another example of corporate greed,’ Haggis further accused them of trying to ‘shut down the entire town in a very cynical way.’

    Haggis said he was prepared to walk the picket line for as long as it takes. Being WGA member since 1975, he explained that ‘it’s my job as a member of the guild to be here.’

    While James Bond fans breathed a sigh of relief when the news came in late October that the Bond 22 script was handed in, when questioned about the upcoming 007 film, Haggis replied: ‘They haven’t gotten the polish finished yet.’

    In related news, a strike report from Deadline Hollywood Daily notes that Haggis is being paid an estimted $5 million dollars for his work on Bond 22.

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