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  1. MGM To Take Back 007 Distribution From 'Bond 23' On

    Variety today revealed MGM would take back distribution of the James Bond films following the release of next year’s Bond 22.

    According to the trade paper, the studio will take over distribution from Sony beginning with Bond 23, which is pencilled in for a 2010 release.

    News first emerged back in 2005 that MGM may be able to independently distribute its films under a clause in its contract with Sony.

    Extensive market research reportedly played a role in Daniel Craig's new 007 contract

    Extensive market research reportedly played a role in Daniel Craig’s new 007 contract

    Variety goes on to state Daniel Craig “is locked into a deal” for the first three films distributed by MGM (i.e. Bond 23, 24 and 25), clarifying the pictures covered under the actor’s new contract.

    Speaking of which, the Chicago Sun-Times this week reported that extensive market research, reportedly costing almost $100,000, was carried out to verify Craig’s popularity as Agent 007. The producers reportedly carried out the research in “a number of key international markets, including China, India and Latin America”, in addition to Europe and the United States, before inking the deal.

    Daniel Craig’s second James Bond film, which remains untitled, begins production in January for release in November next year.

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    Matt Weston @ 2007-11-05