1. Details Of Daniel Craig's New 007 Contract Emerge

    By Matt Weston on 2007-10-31

    Last week, CBn reported that MGM recently signed Daniel Craig for four more James Bond films, after the phenomenal success of last year’s Casino Royale.

    Daniel Craig as James Bond

    Daniel Craig as James Bond

    Now, the Daily Mail reports on details of the actor’s new deal. According to the newspaper, Craig’s new contract is based on a sliding salary, which will work on the amount of money each consecutive film earns at the box office and in merchandising. The paper speculates the deal could land the actor as much as £30 million over the decade or so in which the films would be released.

    The Daniel Craig era of the 007 franchise is estimated to make MGM hundreds of millions of pounds, according to the paper. The actor’s debut James Bond film made £55.3 million in the United Kingdom alone. The success of Casino Royale prompted the studio to renegotiate Craig’s fee for his first three Bond films, making him Britain’s highest-paid actor.

    Daniel Craig’s second James Bond film, the yet-to-be-titled Bond 22, is due out next year. Sony are eying a 2010 release date for Bond 23.

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