1. Marc Forster Briefly Discusses 'Bond 22'

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-10-27

    While the majority of recent news on Bond 22 has been focused on Paul Haggis and his work on the script (with some interesting developments along the way), director Marc Forster had a brief moment to speak about the film in an interview with

    When asked why he’d accepted the task of helming Daniel Craig’s second James Bond adventure, Forster said: ‘After doing Kite Runner and being in this world and being in tents in Western China in the hardest conditions where obviously, you don’t have any stars, so you’re limited with your budget and what you can do … ultimately, the studio has to watch out for the commercial possibilities of the films, so doing a Bond film next is just a new challenge, something different. I always like–if you look at my films–I always like to do the opposite of what I just did.’

    ‘No, I still have to do it all,’ added Forster when asked if any actors had been lined up for Bond 22. ‘I’ve been really focusing on Kite Runner as well, so there has been no casting news, nothing.’ He also noted that they weren’t sure where they’d be shooting first once principal photography commences in mid-December.

    Forster says he’s simply approaching the film like any other at the moment and not worrying over what will likely be a substantial budget: ‘I assume that probably with every movie and movies in general, you always have to deal with budgetary concerns, but we will see.’

    With the possibility of a Writers Guild strike creating some unwanted issues for Bond 22 (screenwriter Haggis is reportedly ‘ploughing through’ in order to finish this 007 script as soon as possible), Forster said it was hard to pinpoint exactly what the effect would be. ‘I hope if there’s a strike, it will be short. It’ll be hard to judge if it’s a long strike. It’s all up in the air.’ will keep you updated with all the latest news and details on Bond 22.