1. 'Goldfinger In Focus' By Barry Russell

    James Bond fans interested in the music aspects of the series will want to take notice of the newly released book Goldfinger In Focus by Barry Russell.

    Primarily intended as a teaching guide for students, this special focus work provides a comprehensive study of the relationship between music and picture in 1964’s Goldfinger, including:

    • An insight into the musical background of John Barry
    • An introduction to Goldfinger and the earlier Bond scores
    • Brief synopsis of the film and characters from a thematic point of view
    • A look at the scoring process and use of technology throughout the film
    • An analysis of style, characterisation, instrumentation, orchestration, key relationships and dramatic pacing
    • Case studies providing a more detailed look at the use of music within specific scenes
    • A review of later Barry scores, Bond films and the genre in general
    • Bibliography, discography, further resources and reading plus technical glossary

    Released in September 2007, Barry Russell’s Goldfinger In Focus is published by Rhinegold Publishing Ltd and is available to order online at for £9.49.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2007-10-22
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