1. Looking Back: 'Tomorrow Never Dies'

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-10-16

    The CBn ‘Looking Back…’ series now moves onto Raymond Benson’s first of ultimately three James Bond novelizations, Tomorrow Never Dies. The book was first released in October 1997, just a few months before the theatrical premiere of Pierce Brosnan’s second 007 film of the same name. CBn takes a look back at Tomorrow Never Dies–included are publication details, the original jacket blurbs and trivia notes about the book…

    From the snowy Khyber Pass to the sultry South China Sea, Tomorrow Never Dies is a breathtaking all-action story that pits Bond–and Britain–against a power-mad global media mogul who is determined to destroy the world’s peace.

    Partnered with a Chinese secret service agent who also happens to be a stunningly beautiful woman, 007 uncovers the secrets of a high-tech modern TV studio and the underwater wreck of a sabotaged warship. His objective: to prevent the outbreak of World War III. If he can stay alive for long enough…

    UK First Edition Hodder & Stoughton Hardback


    Chief of Staff Bill Tanner takes the place of Charles Robinson in the novelization of Tomorrow Never Dies. Raymond Benson also adds in several new scenes and sequences not featured in the film of the same name to fill out the book, including Elliot Carver’s backstory and a new early scene with Wai Lin. In addition, Felix Leiter (who is not featured in the film) also gets a brief mention.

    The switch from the Walther PPK to the P99 in Tomorrow Never Dies was then reflected in the Raymond Benson Bond novels that followed.

    There was no US hardback printing of Tomorrow Never Dies.

    Without a doubt, Tomorrow Never Dies remains the most difficult of all the Raymond Benson James Bond novels and novelizations to obtain in UK 1st hardback printing. Copies are often seen to be selling in excess of £100/$200 on eBay.

    Unlike the two novelizations that followed, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day, there was no large print edition for Tomorrow Never Dies.

    Two states of the 1st printing of the UK paperback exist: the more uncommon version credits the screenplay to Bruce Feirstein, Nicholas Meyer, David Campbell Wilson, and Daniel Petrie Jr. on the title page, while the second state only lists Bruce Feirstein.

    While being promoted to the captain status in later John Gardner James Bond novels, here 007 is a commander once again.

    Raymond Benson has expanded Bruce Feirstein’s screenplay into an extremely enjoyable adventure novel, read with considerable expertise by John Kenneth. As in the better of the James Bond genre, this is not so much about plot and spying or any relation to a real world situation as it is about the 007 persona and how James is able to extract himself from impossible situations using his quick wits, athleticism, good looks, and general “coolness.” The plot involves an unscrupulous media mogul, all the remaining national superpowers and pretenders, various male and female intelligence operatives who apparently are immune to AIDS or have learned to refrain from rational thought, and the expected military and mercenary contingents. Lots of action, sex, and violence here, but tastefully done with the good separated from the evil. A treat for Bond fans from teen to adult. Highly recommended.

    Library Journal

    Release Timeline

    • 1997: 1st British Hodder & Stoughton Hardback Edition
    • 1997: 1st British Coronet Paperback Edition
    • 1997: 1st American Boulevard Paperback Edition

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