1. Further Austrian Location Scouting Reportedly Takes Place

    By Matt Weston on 2007-09-24

    The Austrian press is reporting that further location scouting for the 22nd James Bond picture has occurred three days ago in the country. Previously, CBn reported that location scouting took place at the Seebühne Floating Stage and Festival Opera House in Bregenz.

    Floating Stage with 'Tosca' Set

    Floating Stage with ‘Tosca’ Set (Image copyright Bregenz Festival, Karl Forster)

    Now, word comes from the Austrian media that production staff have visited Bregenz’s city centre, as well as a number of small cities in the surrounding area.

    The Kunsthaus Bregenz was specifically named, while a number of industrial facilities were also reportedly visited. Additionally, a number of areas featuring modern architecture were said to have been visited in the region surrounding Bregenz.

    Location scouting was also said to have occurred at Airport Friedrichshafen, in the south of Germany, near Lake Constance (the site of the Seebühne Floating Stage).

    The report suggests final locations are to be confirmed in November.

    Some filming for Bond 22 has already taken place in Italy, while Switzerland is also reportedly under consideration. Purported casting notices distributed last week also indicated some filming would occur in South America.

    Keep watching CBn for all the latest Bond 22 news.

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