1. Sebastian Faulks Talks 'Devil May Care'

    By Matt Weston on 2007-09-14

    In an Associated Press interview (run in The Chronicle Journal), author Sebastian Faulks spoke briefly about writing the upcoming James Bond novel, Devil May Care.

    Sebastian Faulks' 'Human Traces'

    Sebastian Faulks’
    Human Traces

    Most significantly, Faulks mentioned the girls to be featured in his book would be “more than a match” for 007; this is the first time the author has mentioned the role Bond girls will play in Devil May Care.

    Faulks revealed he particularly likes the discipline of writing a James Bond book.

    “I’d spent nearly five years in psychiatric hospitals and medical libraries writing an immensely long and difficult book (Human Traces),” Faulks said.

    “It’s possible there are no two books in publishing history more dissimilar than Human Traces and Devil May Care. And that was really the attraction of it.”

    The writer once again said his initial reluctance to accept the project was countered by the fact he re-read the Ian Fleming novels only to find they were concise, thrilling and playfully funny. Faulks also reiterated the fact the book will be “about 80 per cent Ian Fleming” and that he wrote the book according to Fleming’s methods – 2,000 words a day for six weeks.

    Devil May Care is due out in May next year.

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