1. Bentley Mark IV

    By jason on 2001-08-02

    James Bond’s famed Bentley was shown in From Russia With Love, for the first and only time before its replacement by “The Bond Mobile.” The Mark IV is one of the few vehicles to be shown in the series not to feature any gadgetry. The only real novelty was a car phone, which although common today was quite impressive and exclusive in 1963!

    • Manufacturer: Bentley
    • Model: Mark IV
    • Top Speed: n/a
    • Acceleration: n/a
    • Engine Capacity: n/a

    The Bentley is only shown briefly – while James Bond is talking on the phone, and when he invites Sylvia Trench into the car for “lunch”. Closing the hood of the car, James Bond’s intentions for lunch become increasingly clear in a classic 007 moment.

    A true gentleman’s car, the Mark IV showed early on the level of sophistication that 007 took with him wherever he went.