1. Sunbeam Alpine

    By jason on 2001-08-02

    The Sunbeam Apline in Dr. No was to be the first car we would ever see James Bond driving. 007 drives the Alpine to Miss Taro’s residence located high-up in the mountains. During the journey, James Bond is given chase by the villainous “3-blind-mice”.

    • Manufacturer: Sunbeam
    • Model: Alpine
    • Top Speed: 101.1 mph
    • Acceleration: 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in 13.6 seconds
    • Engine Capacity: 1592cc

    During the high-speed chase, James Bond is able to drive underneath a construction crane, which causes the “3-blind-mice” to swerve off of the cliff trapped inside their funeral car. During its fall the car explodes, killings its occupants. Bond tells the workman operating the crane that they “…were on their way to a funeral”.

    This is first example we see of James Bond’s legendary driving skills. The chase marks the first of many which will set the standard for modern vehicle action, innovating some of the most unique and awe-inspiring stunts ever created.

    Outside of the film, the Sunbeam Alpine was a successful rally-car. Winning competitions throughout the world, it was rarely beaten and won its teams many cups and trophies throughout its racing career.