1. Possible Swiss 'Bond 22' Location Details

    By Matt Weston on 2007-09-03

    Last month, CBn reported on the Film Location Switzerland (the Swiss Film Commission) bid to see the next James Bond film set in the country. Word at the time was that “nothing’s definite yet, but the chances are good.”



    Now, further details have emerged on the locations suggested by Film Location Switzerland’s André Brice, courtesy of Swiss news site, Zentralschweiz Online.

    The site reports that Lucerne, in central Switzerland, and the Gotthard area were both suggested to Bond 22 director, Marc Forster, who is said to be delighted with the locations. However, the decision does not lie exclusively with Forster, who receives many location suggestions each day.

    With a population of over 57,000, Lucerne rests on the shores of Lake Lucerne and has gorgeous views of Mount Pilatus and Rigi. It is perhaps most well-known for the remarkable Chapel Bridge, which dates back to 1333.

    Gotthard Tunnel

    Gotthard Tunnel

    Meanwhile, parts of the Gotthard area featured in Goldfinger. A number of mountain passes lead over the Gotthard massif, while a network of tunnels lie beneath the mountains. Not traditionally a tourist area, the Gotthard region was once the core of Switzerland’s “Réduit” defence concept, an Alpine fortress with infrastructured caverns, bunkers and camouflaged weapons.

    The Swiss Alps were first mentioned as a possible location for the next 007 outing in June by Forster himself. Forster said at the time, “There can’t be any better place than the alps. No matter if you plan to do romantic scenes or hard action, the alps will be the perfect background for a Bond movie.”

    Further fueling rumours was the snippet from this year’s BondStars events that Bond 22 would see Daniel Craig hitting the slopes.

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