1. 'Bond 22' Filming Reportedly Moves Into Madrid

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-08-31

    While many James Bond fans are aware that some filming for Bond 22 has already taken place in Siena, Italy, it appears that Spain was the next production stop.

    According to an article from the El Pais newspaper, filming for Bond 22 reportedly took place in Madrid from 23 to 29 August 2007.

    The article, which was published on 21 August, quoted sources inside Sony Spain saying: ‘We are proud to announce filming will take place in Madrid from 23-29 August.’

    ‘We will film in and around the historic quarter of Madrid,’ which the newspaper report took to mean Madrid de Los Austrias and its sorroundings which include the Royal Palace and Royal Opera. No mentions were made as to whether or not Daniel Craig would be present.

    As previously reported on CBn, other possible Bond 22 locations include Austria and Switzerland.

    CBn will keep you updated on all the latest details on Daniel Craig’s second 007 film, which hits theatres on 7 November 2008.

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