1. James Bond Monster Box (21-Film, 42-Disc DVD Set) Coming to R1

    By righty007 on 2007-08-28

    You’re in luck if you live in North America and haven’t already picked up the new James Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs because the James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set was just added to It’s a 42 DVD set of all 21 remastered James Bond films and their bonus discs in ONE GIANT BOX! It’s set for release on 6 November 2007.

    It’s not clear whether each Ultimate Edition film will be in a slim case like the four 2006 Ultimate Edition box sets or a standard case like the single disc DVDs from this year. It’s also unclear whether the Casino Royale DVD will have a cover that matches the rest of the Ultimate Edition DVDs. We can hope it matches but the Die Another Day DVD cover did not change when the James Bond Special Edition DVDs were rereleased in 2003.

    However, one thing is clear: You’re screwed if you purchased the four Ultimate Edition sets in 2006! One complete set is way better than four mismatched ones, right? Thanks, Eon/MGM/Sony…not!

    6 November 2007 is also the Region 1 release date for the Casino Royale: 40th Anniversary Edition. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Never Say Never Again rerelease also comes out this day but it has yet to be announced.

    The beautiful James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set box can be viewed at where you can also pre-order the set for $167.99

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