1. 'Bond 22' Not Based On A Fleming Story

    By Matt Weston on 2007-08-27

    Following a couple of interviews published yesterday, screenwriter Paul Haggis has revealed more details of the script for the next James Bond film as his press junket for In The Valley Of Elan continues.

    Paul Haggis

    Paul Haggis

    Most revelatory, the Oscar-winner confirmed to that Bond 22 will not be based on any Ian Fleming novel or short story. The script is, however, “steeped in a lot of Fleming’s ideas”.

    “It’s something I was really concerned about doing because I liked Casino Royale so much, I had such fun doing it and I just thought I could only fail by trying to do it again. But I’m giving it a shot and it’s an original and it’s not based on any book or short story or anything that Ian Fleming had done. Although, obviously, it’s steeped in a lot of Fleming’s ideas.”

    “I’m on page 22. I’m not writing it today because I’m here, but I was writing it up until 8pm last night. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a whole different set of muscles.”

    Haggis also reconfirmed the story will pick up “two minutes after Casino Royale” finished, and that the new film would not be jokier in tone.

    When asked how much freedom he has in rewriting the 007 scripts, Haggis replied, “Lot of freedom. We work together on the story for a long time then they let me go. Marc [Forster] is also being very supportive and he’s a wonderful director. I’m really happy working with him.”

    When asked if plans were afoot to re-adapt Fleming’s previously-filmed novels, Haggis replied, “I don’t know. I’d like to. I think it’d be great. There’s some really terrific books and terrific movies. You’d have to ask them.”

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