1. Switzerland Still On The Cards For 'Bond 22'

    By Matt Weston on 2007-08-24

    Tages-Anzeiger Online today reports that the “chances are good” we will see Switzerland as a location in Bond 22.

    André Brice of Film Location Switzerland (the Swiss Film Commission), said, “As soon as we found out that Marc Forster grew up in Switzerland and would direct the next James Bond, we had to offer our services.”

    “Nothing’s definite yet, but the chances are good.”

    The Swiss Alps were first mentioned as a possible location for the next 007 outing as early as June by Forster himself. Forster said at the time, “There can’t be any better place than the alps. No matter if you plan to do romantic scenes or hard action, the alps will be the perfect background for a Bond movie.”

    Further fueling rumours was the snippet from this year’s BondStars events that Bond 22 would see Daniel Craig hitting the slopes.

    Austria has also been mentioned as a potential location, while 007 fans know filming (article contains SPOILERS) has already taken place in Italy.

    James Bond previously visited Switzerland in Goldfinger and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Forster, while born in Germany, grew up in Bündnerland in southeastern Switzerland.

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