1. Welcome To The All New CommanderBond.Net

    By daniel on 2001-08-01

    It gives me great pleasure on this day, the first day of August, to witness the launching of a new CommanderBond.Net.

    For those whom we annoyed by taking our site offline for the past few hours, I must first apologise. But believe me when I say the wait has been worth it.

    With our new design I can promise you that CommanderBond.Net aims not only to bring you the latest Bond news, but the most fantastic trivia as well. We've launched hundreds of new categories, all waiting to be filled with reviews and editorials and much more!

    And with those new categories comes our new policy. No longer is this site just headed by Daniel Dykes and Dave Winter. We now have Correspondants and Guest Contributors world wide ensuring that you, the reader, is kept up to date with the latest information!

    Anyone who is interested in joining our crew feel free to e-mail me.

    So take care, and please enjoy!