1. 'We are not making Young Bond into films yet.'

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-08-18

    Ian Fleming Publications (IFP) is pushing all the right buttons according to a report from the Financial Times.

    Putting together the everlasting popularity of the original 14 James Bond novels by Ian Fleming along with the recent announcement that Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks will mark Fleming’s centenary in May 2008 makes IFP a prime example of why literary estates continue to be some of the most powerful in the media.

    In addition, Charlie Higson’s Young Bond series, which was launched with SilverFin in 2005, has proven to be a worldwide success for the company.

    ‘We were looking at a younger market because that is very interesting,’ says Corinne Turner, IFP managing director. ‘We are not making Young Bond into films yet because we wanted to establish them as a literary series first.’

    Back in May of 2006, Higson told fans at the Hay Festival in Wales: ‘There’s a lot of interest from film companies and from Hollywood but we’re going to hold off for the time being.’

    ‘I’m pretty sure there will be a film one day. But I want to get the books written–I don’t want people to come to the character through film. Part of what the Fleming estate was keen on was reminding people that Bond was a literary character before the film.’

    IFP has plenty on their plate for the upcoming year. In addition to the publication of Higson’s Hurricane Gold next month and the May 2008 release of Devil May Care, there will also be many events designed to celebrate the life of the literary 007 and to examine Fleming’s legacy.

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