1. SPOILERS: Photos: Daniel Craig Visits 'Bond 22' Filming In Tuscany

    By Matt Weston on 2007-08-17
    Daniel Craig at the Palio di Siena

    As previously reported (see here and here for the SPOILER reports), it has now been confirmed that filming took place yesterday in the Tuscan town of Siena for sequences to be shown in Bond 22. The filming coincided with the bi-annual Palio di Siena horse race, which will appear in the movie.

    What was not expected was for James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, to be present at the filming.

    These images, courtesy of Der Spiegel and Corriere della Sera, show Craig watching the event from inside one of the town’s buildings.

    Daniel Craig at the Palio di Siena Daniel Craig at the Palio di Siena Daniel Craig at the Palio di Siena
    Daniel Craig at the Palio di Siena

    Times Online, who originally broke the news to the English-speaking world that the race would feature in Bond 22, today published a follow-up report stating that no horses or jockeys were killed during the dangerous race.

    Access Hollywood reports Craig has not yet stepped back into 007’s shoes, and attended the race merely as a spectator.

    The crew were ordered to shoot the race in strict documentary-style, with no manipulation or ridiculing of the event, and no shots of violence involving horses or people to be included. A reported total of 14 cameras were strategically placed around the event, but no helicopter shots were permitted.

    The sequence is said to see 007 pursuing the film’s villain down narrow cobbled streets, then across the town’s rooftops and through its medievil aqueducts as the horses charge around the Piazza del Campo. The town’s bottini, a tangled network of underground tunnels, will reportedly also play a role in the film.

    Siena’s town council have reportedly granted Eon Productions permission to return to film footage in and around the town during principal photography between January and July 2008. However, it is likely that such scenes may simply be recreated at Pinewood Studios.

    For more in-depth information about what the Siena-set scenes will reportedly involve, check out the SPOILER articles listed below, and keep watching CBn for the latest Bond 22 news.

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