1. Possible 'Bond 22' Location: Austria

    By Heiko Baumann on 2007-07-24

    Austrian media report that a possible shooting location for The next James Bond movie could be the “Seebühne” (Floating Stage) in Bregenz, Austria. A spokesperson for the Bregenz Festival confirmed a report by Austrian ORF Radio Vorarlberg, that “people from Pinewood Studios in London” have visited the location by end of June/early July, namely producer Barbara Broccoli, director Marc Forster and the director of photography (Roberto Schaefer?).

    Festival House

    Festival House
    (Image copyright Bruno Klomfar)

    The Bond producers are currently touring Europe scouting locations for Bond 22 and were impressed after visiting the Festival Opera House and the Floating Stage on the Lake Constance. They also attended and filmed a piano rehearsal of the current production ‘Tosca’, says Festival speaker Axel Renner. A decision will be made “in autumn”. If Bregenz is chosen as a location, the Bond people would be shooting for three days in the next spring. Renner speculates that Bond might go to the opera and jump into action at some point, but admits that he doesn’t know any details.

    Festival House interior Festival House interior Festival House interior

    Festival House interiors
    (Images copyright Bruno Klomfar.)

    Floating Stage with 'Tosca' set Floating Stage with 'Tosca' set

    Floating Stage with ‘Tosca’ set

    (Images copyrights Bregenz Festival, Karl Forster)