1. Is This The Bond 20 Plot?

    By daniel on 2001-08-01

    This article has been updated! The update is included at the bottom of the article.

    Bond20.Com have posted what they’ve called the “Bond 20 Plot”. The first time this rumour popped up was a few days ago in the Bond 20 Forums, posted by Mr Trump. But it’s been completely expanded since then. According to Bond20.Com this is the Bond 20 Story Line:

    “Bond 20 will finally reveal the origins of the 00 agents. We will discover
    that Bond’s father, Andrew Bond, was a 00 agent who worked with Q in the
    early days. We will discover that Bond’s father did not die with his mother
    in a climbing accident. Seeing as Bond’s father was scottish it was thought
    by the writer that this would be an ideal way of having Sean Connery back in
    some shape or form to play against Pierce Brosnan as Bond’s father. However,
    this is highly unlikely considering his relationship with the Brocolli family
    – so another actor may get the part. It would of been though a fantastic
    opportunity as Bond 20 will be the 40th anniversary film and what better than
    having the original Bond and the latest Bond on screen together. On the rest
    of the casting front – Nigel Havers is correct in what he has said on GMTV in
    England. He does have a part as a villian in Bond 20 as the son to the man
    that killed Bond’s mother on an ice mountain in Chamonix, France. Bond will
    visit the scene of where his mother was killed and there will be a fantastic
    action scene on the ice mountain Mont Blanc which involves Bond and pitons
    and ice axes. One villian is killed inside the ice. Hence why the press have
    been under the impression the film will be called – Beyond the Ice. In fact –
    the script where all if this information comes from was called Final
    Assignment. The rest of the action takes place in 3 main locations – Sydney,
    Australia – Tokyo & New York where there is a fantastic helicopter chase
    through the skyscrapers and a fight to the death on the crown of The Statue
    of Liberty. The main plot revolves around Bond finding out about his fathers
    involvement in the British Secret Service. We learn Q had kept this info from
    Bond for years and we discover that a man by the name of Saten is using mind
    control as a way of controlling peoples actions. It is discovered that Bond’s
    father could still be alive but the main villian was involved in some way
    with Bond’s parents – be it in their respective deaths. There is a scene
    involving England and the World Cup ( you will see what I mean – it involves
    a parachute and Bond!!! ) and there is a car that becomes a boat but
    extremely different to the Lotus in The Spy Who Loved Me. The opening
    sequence involves a jet black motorbike with amazing gadgets, two cars, two
    speedboats and a cruise ship in St.Lucia.”

    It’s very extensive isn’t it? And I believe that’s the problem. With well over a year till Bond 20 premieres MGM and EON Productions would not let such major plot details about the film slip out into the public. Very few people would have access to such an extensive resource.

    All in all I believe it’s fan created. Firstly, as I pointed out in the forums, it sounds like a plot that a Bond fan would love. Secondly, it’s far too fantastic. Bond’s father not really killed? That’s very similair to the Bond 19 rumour that told us James Bond’s son would feature as the villain! Did he? Of course not. Secondly, a villain named Saten who uses mind control? This is a James Bond movie not The Matrix.

    Other problems are of course invovled in the plot description. Three confirmed locations. Sydney, Tokyo and New York. Sydney featured heavily in Mission Impossible 2 so it’s unlikely that EON and MGM would follow suit directly after. And to top that off a very high ranking source of mine informs me that while locations are being scouted a director would have to be signed on to assist with the scouting.

    My final proof that this is wrong information lies with this fact. Bond20.Com informs us that this news is categorised as – meaning a Rumour!

    Of course all up I could be wrong. You’ll find more comments from me in this thread in the Bond 20 Forums! You’ll also find plenty of discussion from other people.

    Perhaps finally, thank you to David Winter, Dave Ebersole, ‘LivingDaylights’, Trevelyan and Tim Roth who all sent in this article or contributed to it!


    I have been contacted by Bond20.Com’s tipster with the scenes featured at Bond20.Com and some further exclusive ones. I will post these exclusive scenes in this thread in the forums where just one part of the discussion over these scenes is ongoing.

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