1. MGM To Take James Bond Back From Sony?

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-07-11

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, MGM isn’t planning on letting go of the rights to the James Bond 007 films any time soon.

    As things currently stand, Sony has the right to distribute the upcoming Bond 22 theatrically, with MGM set to handle the film’s release on cable and home entertainment.

    ‘On the next Bond film, Sony is a 50-50 financier with MGM,’ says one source familiar with the arrangement. ‘But, according to their deal, in five years, MGM can buy Sony’s 50% back. That was true on Casino Royale, too: They can buy Sony’s half back in five years, and there’s plenty of TV and DVD money in those movies.’

    MGM currently holds the rights to all of the future Bond films. Reportedly, executives at the the company recently renegotiated the deal with Daniel Craig to continue as 007, ‘significantly upping his salary though declining to give him a share of back-end.’

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