1. Paris Revealed As A Location In 'Devil May Care'

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-07-11

    Not 24 hours after the announcement that Sebastian Faulks is the author of the Ian Fleming centenary novel, Devil May Care, and already details are coming in regarding the book.

    In a press release by Doubleday, the US publisher of the novel, the president of the company, Stephen Rubin, revealed that Paris, France is one of the key locations in Devil May Care.

    ‘Three pages into Devil May Care and you are immediately thrown back into the world of James Bond and all those wonderful characters we have come to love,’ he said. ‘Devil May Care is pure Fleming channeled by Faulks–a madcap adventure, a romantic romp and a book you can devour in one sitting. It all starts in Paris, and no one alive writes better about Paris than Sebastian Faulks.’

    According to the press release, Devil May Care will be released in the US on the same date as the UK hardback edition–28 May 2008. An Anchor paperback edition will follow in 2009.

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