1. Bonding With 007 Film Stars At The July '07 Memorabilia

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-07-09

    As CBn earlier reported, the latest Memorabilia–the UK’s longest running and most established event for fans of movies, cult tv, comics, video games, sport & music–took place over this past weekend.

    Like past Memorabilia events, several stars from the James Bond films attended the event. The list included:

    • Andreas Wisniewski (Necros, The Living Daylights)
    • Sylvana Henriques (Jamaican Angel of Death, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
    • Gavan OHerlihy (Jack Petachi, Never Say Never Again)
    • Stanley Morgan (Casino Concierge, Dr. No)
    • Christian Simpson (Londoner, Die Another Day)
    • David Decio (Jinx’s Personal Driver, Die Another Day / Kratt Stand-in, Casino Royale)

    The next Memorabilia event is scheduled for late November 2007.

    CBn Forum member Matthew Grice (‘Gri007‘) attended the event and gave a report on the CBn Forums:

    Just like the Bond films the show stuck to a set formula. We once again had show case of characters from Star Wars. Stromtroopers, Tie Fighter pilots, an Ewan McGregor impersonator and a giant Wookie walked the entrance hall whilst we were all queuing. There weren’t any characters from The Matrix but there was a few from Power Rangers.

    From my personal opinion the show didn’t seem as packed or busy as it did last time. There wasn’t as many stalls. I was hoping that this could be to do with the fact that I was early, but as time was passing it didn’t seem to have got any bigger.

    There was a lot memorabilia from Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy and all the cult TV shows. I did keep a look for some Bond stuff and only came across a few figures, mainly Sideshow and Action men, which were priced at £20 considering they were about £30 to £40 brand new. They was also a few figures made by Dragon which to my knowledge were in the late 90’s and produced the Bond Girl Series and few figures from Tomorrow Never Dies.

    There was also giant quarto posters. Thunderball and Octopussy where the only ones I could see. There was The Man From Uncle film poster as well. The poster I should think were reprints as they were about £20 to buy.

    Walking around I could see more Star Wars figures, which quite frankly I am just as interested in them just as I am with Bond. The difference is I don’t collect Star Wars.

    The last show had a lot of original Star Wars toys still boxed that was from the 80’s and were selling for about £300. They had few boxed but they were also selling the newly released figures in the retro packaging from the 70’s and 80’s. Also with this year being 30 years since A New Hope was released, there was a slight celebration feel in the atmosphere…

    Click here to read the entire report and view pictures from the event on the CBn Forums.

    CBn Forum member Matthew Grice

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