1. 'The Double Agents' Featuring Ian Fleming

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-06-30

    Even between the release of Young Bond novels and with the Ian Fleming Centenary novel roughly a year away, it seems like there are always plenty of new options for literary 007 fans.

    K1Bond007 reports on the new release of The Double Agents by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV, which features both Ian Fleming and David Niven (who James Bond fans will best know from 1967’s Casino Royale).

    Released on 26 June 2007, The Double Agents is available to order online at both and The publisher’s blurb:

    In this second novel co-authored by W.E.B. Griffin and his son William E. Butterworth IV, Office of Strategic Services Director Wild Bill Donovan in March 1943 delivers intel to President Franklin Roosevelt that could change the course of the war. OSS agent Dick Canidy has snatched a scientist out from under the noses of the German SS–and he reports that the Germans have both nerve gas and germ warfare programs in Sicily. Perhaps worse, no one working for AFHQ General Dwight Eisenhower–neither Americans nor Brits based in Algiers–believes that the programs exist. Outraged, FDR wants irrefutable evidence–and he wants his old pal Donovan to get it however he has to. Meanwhile, OSS agents at Whitbey House Station outside of London are involved with British agents Major David Niven and Commander Ian Fleming in a subterfuge so secret that even Eisenhower is kept in the dark about it. Will the enemy swallow the ruse? Will Dick Canidy find out in time if indeed the Axis is planning to use vicious germ and chemical warfare against the Allies? And then there’s the question of what happened to Canidy’s missing sweetheart, Ann Chambers; her father wants answers, and is threatening to use his vast publishing empire to get them … even if that might mean shining a bright light on the shadowy OSS.

    Order The Double Agents from

    Order The Double Agents from

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