1. Final Cover Artwork For Titan's 'Death Wing' Revealed

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-06-29

    The Young Bond Dossier reports that the final cover artwork for Titan’s upcoming Death Wing James Bond collection has been revealed online.

    In addition to the title story, the Death Wing collection also includes the stories Sea Dragon (which has never been published in the UK) and When The Wizard Awakes. Live And Let Die‘s Madeline Smith will provide the introduction. It is due for release in the UK on 27 July 2007. Click here to view the cover artwork.

    The legend continues! Stand by for more adventures with the world’s greatest secret agent, as some of his most thrilling missions are collected for the first time ever! Death Wing, a story never before published in the UK, sees 007 facing off against a unique group of aerial smugglers, and teaming up with fellow 00 agent Suzi Kew! But can Bond resist the lethal charms of the smugglers’ gorgeous pilot, and stop a devious plan of theft and assassination? This new, never-before-collected edition also includes When the Wizard Awakes and another, never-before-seen in the UK story, Sea Dragon! Plus a new introduction by Bond girl Madeline Smith (Live and Let Die) and exclusive feature material!

    Titan’s Death Wing

    Stay tuned for CBn for all the latest news on the Titan James Bond comic strip releases, including the upcoming collection: Shark Bait.

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