1. 'Bond 22' Set In The Alps?

    By Tim Roth on 2007-06-24

    In an interview with Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick, Bond 22 director Marc Forster has revealed that he plans to use the Swiss Alps as a location for the upcoming Bond film.

    “There can’t be any better place than the alps”, Forster said. “No matter if you plan to do romantic scenes or hard action, the alps will be the perfect background for a Bond movie.” Anyhow, definite decisions are yet to be made. The Swiss alps have already served as a location for 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

    While Forster has already talked to Daniel Craig about the film, no decisions concerning the Bond girls have been made. “To cast the girls for a Bond movie gives pleasure”, the director said.

    Forster also revealed that he was surprised when he got the offer to direct a Bond film. He asked himself if the producers hadn’t called the wrong number, but he understood their motives after their first talk about the film: “They certainly did not want to hire an ‘action director'”, he said. “They pretty much knew what they wanted: a young and unconsumed ‘drama director’ with his own visions.”

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