1. 'James Bond Mania' Marathon Presented By Vijay TV

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-06-22

    According to a press release from, 16 of the James Bond films will be aired on TV as part of Vijay TV’s upcoming marathon in July 2007…

    Vijay TV presents ‘BOND MANIA 007’

    Complete with orders from Her Majesty’s Service, cool 007 gadgets, gizmos, flashiest cars, exotic locations, the walk, the talk, the charm and of course the Bond girls!

    BOND MANIA 007 on Vijay TV showcases 16 James Bond films from July-October with loads of prizes to be won.

    The suave secret agent begins his operation on Vijay TV from 8 July, 2007 and runs till 28 October, 2007. Beginning from the first Bond movie Dr. No, to Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day; Gadgets, Girls and BMW’s it’s all there. Celebrate the Bond festival with Vijay TV for the next four months; every Sunday at 11am!

    James Bond, a fictional character created by novelist, Ian Fleming, a secret agent possessing great looks and sophistication, comes with more style and action remains the only man in the world with the license to kill. So far, having seen 6 bonds, Sean Connery being the first actor to play Bond in films, many consider him as the best Bond interpreter. George Lazenby, the one-time Bond, stepped into Sean Connery’s shoes after he left the series. Following him is Roger Moore the longest lasting Bond brought an entirely new, more comical look to Bond when he started to portray him in the 1970’s.

    Moore made seven Bond films between 1973 and 1985. The fourth Bond, Timothy Dalton considered as the gritty Bond, whose portrayal signals a more realistic characterization acted only in a couple of Bond movies. Pierce Brosnan, one of the most successful Bonds has acted in four of the Bond series, stealing every heart with his great looks. Daniel Craig is the sixth actor to portray the secret agent James Bond 007 in the very first book of Ian Fleming, Casino Royale.

    Greatest Bond movies like From Russia with Love, You only live twice, GoldenEye, Licence to Kill, Tomorrow Never Dies and many more Bond movies are all lined up on Vijay TV on Sunday’s at 11:00am.

    As part of the promotions; “Watch n Win” contests have been planned. Viewers have to watch the films answer questions asked during the breaks and get to win original VCDs/DVDs of Bond films as prizes.

    Keep watching CBn for all the latest James Bond news.