1. 'Bond 22' Filming Due To Start Late 2007/Early 2008

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-06-13

    According to a report from The Guardian, revenues at Pinewood Studios will be hit during 2007 due to a number of major productions that will ‘commence filming some weeks later than previously expected.’

    While Pinewood would not comment on which specific projects had been delayed, a spokesperson for Eon Productions told Reuters that Daniel Craig’s second James Bond film, Bond 22 (set for theatrical release on 7 November 2008), was due to begin filming at the end of 2007. She had no comment on whether this was a delayed start to filming.

    As a result of the timing delay at Pinewood, reported film revenues for 2007 are likely to be flat year-on-year. 2008 will, in turn, likely see an increase in profits.

    Nonetheless, many industry experts are predicting 2007 could be the most lucrative yet for the British film industry, despite Pinewood’s update and fierce competition from countries in eastern Europe with cheaper costs (as was the case with Prague’s Barrandov Studios for Casino Royale). This is largely because, from this year, the Treasury will be offering up to 20% tax relief for small budget films and 16% for films costing more than £20 million.

    One of Pinewood’s main attractions is the newly rebuilt ‘007 Stage,’ which was burned down by a fire in July 2006. The new stage has increased the usable area inside from 45,424 square feet to 59,000 square feet. Click here for an in-depth report on the rebuilding of the ‘007 Stage’.

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