1. 'Goldfinger' To Be Re-released Digitally In UK Cinemas

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-06-02

    The Sunday Herald reports that Sean Connery’s third James Bond film, Goldfinger is set for a major re-release in the UK across 150 multiplexes and other mainstream commercial venues this upcoming July.

    John Letham, managing director of Park Circus, the Glasgow-based film distribution company behind the re-release of Goldfinger, said it was ‘testing the water. The thing about James Bond films is that they work so well on the big screen. They’re designed to be watched on the big screen.’ Re-releases of other classic 007 films, such as From Russia With Love and Thunderball could follow.

    With traditional film prints costing £2000 to £7000 each, digital copies (which cost about £50) make short runs of films more economically viable. This re-release of Goldfinger will be the first Bond film ever released digitally in the UK and it could pave the way to a digital release of Daniel Craig’s second 007 film, Bond 22, due in theatres in November 2008.

    Anne Bennett at Eon (who is working with Park Circus on this re-release) said: ‘Goldfinger was rereleased with From Russia With Love. And a lot of the films got shown in cinemas over Bond-themed weekends–but, as for a full-scale re-release, I don’t think anything has happened since the introduction of video.’

    ‘It was the third one and it was probably the pivotal one,’ said Letham. ‘People always talk about what is their favourite James Bond, and Goldfinger is one of the ones that always come up. But there are others as well, so it could well be the first in a series of rereleases.’

    According to the Film Distributors’ Association website, the re-release of Goldfinger is set for 27 July.

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