1. Celebrating Ian Fleming's Birthday

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-05-28

    On 28 May 1908, Ian Fleming, the man responsible for creating James Bond was born. Fast forward exactly 99 years, 21 official Bond films and over 50 novels and short stories later and one can see that the legacy of 007’s creator continues on.

    As the new website, K1Bond007 (started by the CBn Forum member of the same name) points out, this time next year will mark the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth and the brand new Bond novel celebrating it.

    Ian Fleming was much more than just a novelist. In addition to working on the Bond novels that continue to be read, examined and discussed today, he was also a journalist, intelligence officer, naval commander and world-wide traveller.

    CBn readers are invited to check out Duncan Elliott’s in depth examination of the life of Ian Fleming…

    An Appreciation of Ian Fleming

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