1. Daniel Craig Begins Work On 'Flashbacks Of A Fool' In Cape Town

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-05-27

    Tonight reports that Daniel Craig recently arrived in Cape Town to begin work on his newest film, Flashbacks Of A Fool.

    Flashbacks Of A Fool centers on a hedonistic British actor (played by Craig) whose Hollywood career is starting to nosedive. The death of his best friend from his English childhood causes him to journey back home for the funeral, and prompts flashbacks to his teenage experiences–including the tragedy that forced him to flee to the United States and a new life.

    The film also stars Helen McCrory, Olivia Williams, Emilia Fox and Eve. It is the feature-writing and directing debut of Baillie Walsh and is produced by Lene Bausager and Damon Bryant. Craig is also acting as the executive producer.

    Shooting is expected to last for roughly a month in Cape Town before moving onto London.

    Other non-James Bond upcoming projects for Craig include The Golden Compass, I, Lucifer and the recently announced Defiance. He will return as 007 in Bond 22, due out in November 2008.

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