1. Pierce Brosnan Demands Massive Pay Rise

    By daniel on 2001-07-25

    Actor Pierce Brosnan (aka. James Bond) has reportedly demanded a massive pay rise for James Bond 20 according to ‘News of the World’.

    A major thanks to ‘007_Fanatic’ for tipping us off about this in the Bond 20 Forums and I’ve been unable to find the original article at the NotW website so here’s what 007_Fanatic told us in the forums;

    I was reading through the paper ‘News of the World’ this morning (Sunday 22nd) and what I saw was a small article on Pierce Brosnan. It said that Brosnan has demanded a massive pay rise from movie bosses to carry on playing Bond. It said that Brosnan has a contract to make one more film (Bond 20) but is in talks of extending his contract.

    What should happen if those talks fail?

    But note this, it also said if negotiations fail then Aussie actor Hugh Jackman is tipped to play the next Bond.

    What do you think of that?

    What do I think? Lord help us!

    But more on the topic. I have heard before that Brosnan had asked for a pay rise, he’s making the cash sure enough and it’s likely that EON Productions will pay the increase. A figure thrown around at the time of GoldenEye was that Brosnan was being payed $4 million, I expect that would have been raised to about $12 million for The World Is Not Enough. For Bond 20, heaven knows! But we’ll sure find out. So stay tuned!

    And don’t forget to check out this thread in the Bond 20 Forums where ‘007_Fanatic’ first tipped us off, and again a big thank you! I’ll see you in the forums!


    Thanks again to ‘007_Fanatic’ who has posted the full article in the Bond 20 Forums. It goes a little like this:


    “007 star Pierce Brosnan has shocked movie bosses by demanding a massive pay rise to carry on playing James Bond.

    Brosnan earns 3 million a film but wants 15 million.

    He is contracted to make one more Bond films but is in talks about extending his contract.

    If negotiations break down, Aussie heart-throb Hugh Jackman is tipped to replace him.”

    It’s that damn Hugh Jackman again! And as forum user Zencat says quite well, “Hugh Jackman is not “tipped” to replace PB. No one is.” Which is the truth!