1. Paul Haggis Returns

    By Evan Willnow on 2007-05-23
    Paul Haggis

    Paul Haggis

    The Los Angeles Times is reporting the that screenwriter Paul Haggis is returning for a second go at Bond. Haggis who penned the final script of the widely heralded Casino Royale will now take script duties from Neal Purvis and Robert Wade for much to the delight of waiting Casino Royale.

    Haggis is currently finishing work on In the Valley of Elah, a film based on a true story of a career officer searching for his soldier son after he returns from Iraq. The LA Times speculates that Sony must have made Haggis a quite lucrative offer in order to take his time from the multitude of other projects Haggis has in the works.

    Many Bond fans who have been praying for Haggis return have now had those prayers answered with this announced return of the Oscar winning writer.