1. May 007th Podcast online… Finally

    By @mrpauldunphy on 2007-05-14

    I know what you’re thinking. the Podcast needs to be a bit more….Austere. A bit more sombre, staid, steady, stern, unhumorous, unsmiling, weighty. Well, cherub, we’ve just launched a new global news service that quite literally squeezes one out over BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and others of their ilk. Bringing the Bond news that matters directly to your respective shell-likes, CBn International is the world’s first dedicated global audio news service purely dedicated to Bond.

    Unfortunately, in my quest to bring sobriety to the monthly podgasm, certain “measures” had to be taken against guest host Evan Willnow, who—I think you’ll agree—set Anglo-American relations back a few decades with his God-awful English accent last month. Hear how retribution was served in this month’s edition.

    Additionally, I bring you the skinny on Bond 22, news on the lovely works of the lovely Mr Higson (we love him), a sneaky sample of a Bond Theme remix I’m currently tinkering with (shameless plug), and the final box office update of Casino Royale. All in an authentic English accent. FACT.

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