1. Len Deighton Praises 'The Battle for Bond'

    By Charles Helfenstein on 2007-05-14

    The Battle for Bond, due in July from Tomahawk Media, is one of the most eagerly anticipated James Bond books in ages.

    Author Robert Sellers recently informed CBn that friend of Ian Fleming and noted spy novelist Len Deighton had praised the forthcoming book:

    The seemingly endless legal battles that Kevin McClory waged against the James Bond producers split the film world, and the publishing world, into two camps. Bitter arguments, unscrupulous bids for credits and recognition, as well as buckets of money, poisoned lifelong friendships and fostered strange and unlikely alliances. No one had the complete story but everyone had an unshakeable opinion. I knew most of the leading players in this sad drama and this book recalled many memories best forgot. Anyone with a desire to go into the entertainment world should read this exciting, gripping but in the end, melancholy story: it should be enough to change their mind forever.

    Len Deighton

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