1. Bill Clinton in Bond 20?

    By daniel on 2001-01-14

    Bill Clinton hits the headlines everywhere today. US Radio Stations are reporting the news as are Australian newspapers and Jersey77 was nice enough to send in various links from around the net that are reporting the new (this time in English). Visit

    Sky News
    Yahoo News

    These three sources offer new insight onto the news. All report that “scriptwriters are working on a scene where Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan, meets ‘President’ Clinton at a White House reception, and enlists his help.” and have added details that EON Productions “have been encouraged by his starring role in a spoof White House video, where he fooled around pretending to be the laundryman, gardener and car washer”. Also Yahoo News has added that the movie is already in pre-production stages at Pinewood Studios.

    On the same topic ‘Wishmaster’ has sent in the translation of the original site that popped up yesterday:

    Clinton New Star in Bond picture?

    Maarsen – Producers of the next James Bond film have offered President Clinton a cameo apperance. Who knows a new career for Bill Clinton in the entertainment industry?

    The new Bond picture is currently in preproduction at Pinewood studios.

    The Scriptwriters are currently working on a scene where James Bond visits the President of the United States and asks for his help. For the part of the president they really like to have Clinton, who else could play the part. Clinton hasnt responded yet. But should he accept the part the the producers should be certified of another ultimate blockbuster.

    Thanks to Wishmaster for that much needed translation.