1. Wilder Lawless to Ride Back Into James' Life?

    By Matt Weston on 2007-04-09

    Yesterday, CBn reported that Double or Die’s villainess Babushka may return in a future Young Bond novel.

    Today comes another clue from The Young Bond Rough Guide To London that one more familiar face may return&mdashthis time, James Bond’s feisty Scottish ally Wilder Lawless, from SilverFin.

    In her character profile, it is noted that Wilder Lawless is a “free-spirited Scottish lass who helps Bond in SilverFin and looks destined to ride back into Bond’s life.”

    Of course, James crossed paths with his other SilverFin pal, Red Kelly, in this year’s Double or Die.

    A red herring, or are the final two Young Bond books set to become a big old reunion as the series draws to a close?

    Stay tuned to CBn for more details as Young Bond 4’s September release date approaches…