1. Bonding With 007 Film Stars At Memorabilia

    By Guest writer on 2007-04-04

    As CBn earlier reported, the latest Memorabilia–the UK’s longest running and most established event for fans of movies, cult tv, comics, video games, sport & music–took place over this past weekend.

    Like past Memorabilia events, several stars from the James Bond films. The list this year included:

    • Garrick Hagon (USS Wayne Crewman, The Spy Who Loved Me)
    • Jenny Hanley (Irish Girl, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
    • Joe Robinson (Peter Franks, Diamonds Are Forever)
    • Oliver Skeete (Concierge, Die Another Day)
    • Terence Mountain (Raphael, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service / Blofeld Guard, Diamonds Are Forever)

    The list originally included Michael Madsen, (who portrayed Damien Falco in Die Another Day) but he was unfortunately not able to attend. The next Memorabilia event is scheduled for early July 2007.

    CBn Forum member Matthew Grice (‘Gri007‘) attended the event and gave a report on the CBn Forums:

    On the 31st March 2007 I and a friend attended the Memorabilia show at the NEC in Birmingham UK. Considering it was the first time I’ve driven on motorways I managed to survive and get there safely. There were certain stages of the drive where I thought I wouldn’t make it!

    We arrived at 10:30. The show didn’t open till 11 o’clock. Whilst out side in the queue, which we were at the front off, we had a walking display of characters from Star Wars in the entrance. There were storm troopers, Boba Fett and Anakin Skywalker (not the real Hayden Christensen). Then came certain characters from The Matrix.

    11 o’clock came, and the doors were open. Any film buff would have been on the floor like jelly. The hall that the event was held in was huge and was just full of stalls. It contained old Star Wars figures from the 80’s which were selling from £25 to £300. The majority were in the original packaging.

    I was keeping a look out for The James Bond Legacy Collection figures but sadly didn’t see any. There were several stalls that were selling the ordinary Sideshow figures for £20-£40.

    A replica of the GoldenEye key was for sale for only £15 and a replica of a Golden Gun was for about £125.

    They were a few stalls selling James Bond trading cards. I was very surprised at how much the Ritten House trading cards were. I think the most expensive set was £25 for about 10 cards.

    I was very impressed by a picture that I bought which I think is unofficial, but contained all of the six actors to portray James Bond. That was £14. The man did give me a card with the website address on, but I have unfortunately misplaced it.

    There was a few Corgi Aston Martins from 60’s and 70’s, but the one that stood out for me and is probably the most memorable is the Aston Martin from the 60’s. It was painted gold and the box was in fantastic condition. It was on sale for £265. Next to it was a Batmobile from the same era which was also in brilliant condition. The price was not known.

    I was surprised to see a Moonraker figure by Mecca from the 70’s. It was not in original packaging but still was for sale for £50…

    Click here to read the entire report and view pictures from the event on the CBn Forums.

    CBn Forum member Matthew Grice

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