1. Win one of ten copies of 'The Young Bond Rough Guide to London'

    By Evan Willnow on 2007-04-02
    Win one of ten copies of 'The Young Bond Rough Guide to London' and The Young Bond Dossier are proud to give their readers a chance to win one of ten copies of The Young Bond Rough Guide to London. Those in Southern England can get a copy of The Rough Guide within the 7 April edition of The Guardian. Those outside that area who want a copy are pretty much out of luck.

    That’s where the Young Bond Dossier and CBn come in. We’re giving away 10 copies of The Young Bond Rough Guide to London to our readers—no matter where they live.

    Brought to you by The Young Bond Dossier and

    What you need to do to enter:

    First, be or become a member of the CBn forums. (You can register for the CBn forums at this link.) Then send a Communiqué (Private Message) to ‘CBn Competition’ titled ‘Rough Guide’ with the answers to these questions:

    1. What make of car does young James Bond drive in SilverFin?

      1. Bentley
      2. Bamford & Martin
      3. Stutz
    2. Who saves James Bond from the mosquito torture in Blood Fever?

      1. Vendetta
      2. Zoltan
      3. Pritpal
    3. What is the name of Kelly Kelly’s all-female street gang in Double or Die?

      1. The East End Birds
      2. Kelly’s Flying Circus
      3. The Monstrous Regiment
    4. Which London location does James Bond not visit in Double or Die?

      1. Royal Collage of Surgeons
      2. Tower Bridge
      3. Regents Park

    Be sure to include your real name and postal address in the communiqué.

    'The Young Bond Rough Guide to London' Cover

    Winners will be chosen randomly from those with the correct answers. Answers must be submitted by Noon GMT, 12 April, 2007.

    Of those who enter, all that answer question correctly will have their name put into a drawing to choose the ten winner. Winners will be sent a Communiqué/Private Message via the CBn Forums to their Screen Name to inform them of their winning. The winner must respond to this PM within three (3) days with and verify that their post information is correct. Another drawing will be held for the remaining books if any winners fail to respond. Winners will be announced once shipping information has been verified. The item will be shipped from the UK. In the event that a prize has been stolen or mishandled during shipment, CBn will not be able to replace the specific item—this has yet to be a problem.