1. Will Martin Campbell Return?

    By Matt Weston on 2007-03-18

    Despite making quite a bit of noise to the contrary, Casino Royale director Martin Campbell has hinted a return to the James Bond franchise may be on the cards after all.

    Speaking to USA Today to promote the DVD release of Daniel Craig’s first 007 film, Campbell said, “After GoldenEye, I was asked to do subsequent Bonds, but I declined because it felt as if I’d be repeating myself. But this one is based on a Bond that’s more interesting. To be honest, I would just say I’d never say never.”

    Having also directed GoldenEye in 1995, Martin Campbell was the first director to return to the franchise since John Glen’s five-film run in the 1980s. Casino Royale was widely praised as the best Bond film in years, garnering a haul of awards nominations.

    Campbell also revealed a second DVD of Casino Royale will eventually appear. When quizzed about the lack of commentaries on the current Casino Royale DVD release, Campbell said, “Yes, we are doing a commentary. I think [the studio] tends to milk these things [with Bond films]. When I did GoldenEye, I did it with the producer [Michael G. Wilson]. We’ll probably do it with [the producers].”

    He also revealed the next DVD release may include deleted scenes.

    The full interview, in which Campbell discusses casting Casino Royale, the film’s stunts and how he compared the experience to helming GoldenEye, is available on the USA Today website.

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