1. Kevin Spacey Up For Role & Charlize Theron

    By daniel on 2000-11-25

    Lots of news today, mostly concering Kevin Spacey who has become what you could call a Bond favourite right now.

    Firstly. Rory sent in this info to us from The Daily Mirror in the UK. They believe that Kevin Spacey will be given a role in Bond 20 as a villain. However, as Rory points out, they are a a UK tabloid which has gotten most of its facts wrong. Rory also points out Spacey’s busy filming schedule: “Spacey is currently filming a movie called K-PAX and I believe he has some other movies lined up after that as well.” Thanks for Rory for the great tip off there.

    I thought that is where the rumour would die, however, regular tipster Praveen sent in this e-mail which not only again mentioned Kevin Spacey but Brosnan wanting Charlize Theron for the Bond girl. Praveen tells us he got this info from a French Bond site and did the translation himself, he’s not perfect with his French so here’s what he sent in. We left in all the mistakes as well, so no, don’t blame us 🙂

    The production of the 20th James Bond is at the embryonic stages, but that does not prevent Pierce Brosnan from having ideas on the possible partners whom it could have for this film. According to an interview given to the British magazine Popcorn, Pierce Brosnan announces that it he would like to work with Kevin Spacey and Charlize Theron.

    He describes Spacey like ” a fantastic actor to have in film ” and thinks that Theron would make excellent a Bond Girl because she is “a splendid creature “.
    The development of the history is in its infancy and Pierce Brosnan indicates that it does not have any idea of the script, but denies the persistent rumours of a possible mission in Ireland. However he finds the idea sympathetic nerve and suggests that a disaster organization invests an Irish log and serf of an old tower of guet to hide there a spaceship or a nuclear weapon.

    While waiting, Pierce Brosnan just comes to finish working with an adaptation of the novel by John Le’ Carre, The Tailor of Panama. He there interprets an agent of MI-6, but specifies that it is an antithesis of James Bond.

    Yes I know that’s pretty hard to read, but it’s worth it. I especially like Brosnan’s idea of a script for the movie, sadly that’s the most garbled paragraph. If you’re looking for a Charlize Theron page try here.

    And that again seemed like the extent of the rumour until Craig sent in this report. I must say it hasn’t been confirmed so if it’s not true we’ve warned you.

    Highlight To Read: Hi! The rumours were true! Kevin Spacey has been CONFIRMED as the villain for Bond 20. I heard the news this morning. It was on GMTV here in the UK. I nearly choked on my corn-flakes when I heard it! They also confirmed that Bond 20 will be Pierce Brosnan’s last Bond film.
    So there you have it, Kevin Spacey galoure today. Let’s see how this all turns out!!

    So there you have it, Kevin Spacey galoure today. Let’s see how this all turns out!!