1. More Spacey News & Speculation

    By daniel on 2000-11-30

    In other news we have a better link for that Kevin Spacey article we posted a few days ago. ‘Jersey77’ sent in this link so we much thank him. Go here for a full English article on Popcorn.

    On the same topic David sent in this excellent speculation on the whole thing. We rarely post these but David’s had some very good points on it. It’s well worth the read as you’ll learn some Bond tidbits that you may not have known, plus you’ll get another great opinion on recent Bond 20 News:

    I’d like to say something about the most recent report on Bond 20. I’d be very skeptical about the ‘confirmation’ of both Spacey as the villain and of Brosnan hanging it up after four. You remember the ‘confirmations’ of Judi Dench leaving the series and Robbie Williams performing the theme song. You’re doing the right thing in not treating these reports as facts. Not only that, but lately, the actors who have been sought out from the beginning have been the ones to make it into the films (rumors of Robert Carlyle as a villain were around for a long time before TWINE went into production. In fact, that was the very first rumor I heard about the picture). Also, on Brosnan’s retirement from the role, there’s something important to consider. In 1980, after completing Moonraker, Roger Moore announced his retirement from the role. He ended up doing three more! So even with all the doomsayers who think Brosnan is on his way out, it’s still likely that he’ll return. I certainly don’t think EON will let him go this easily, not after he’s made $1 billion for them with these three pictures. Brosnan himself is also not firmly committed to leaving; he says he’s “just growing into the role”.

    I personally would like to see him do five total. After that, most actors wear out their welcome, and the material becomes weak (Diamonds are Forever, Octopussy, A View to a Kill). Five seems to me to be the greatest number any actor can do and still have them all be of decent quality. First one is the debut, which makes a decent amount of money. Second is a lot like the first in format. For the third we always see new writers, a different director than the first two, and a returning production designer, so it’s very different and usually revered as the actor’s best. Fourth is larger than life (Thunderball, Moonraker) and usually the most profitable. Fifth is still good, but a little less special than some of the others. Six is convoluted, tacky, poorly edited and silly. Don’t start on seven.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and good job on handling the reports. Let’s hope Bond 20 will be as big as the other ‘big fours’ (disturbing, isn’t it, how I’ve spent this much time thinking about this?)


    David has a lot of good points in there, I like his idea of Brosnan only doing five films, however, personally I would like to see the quality of Brosnan’s fifth as to decided a sixth or a seventh as Brosnan has a totally different style to all the other Bond’s. Also I like his praise of our site 🙂