1. Catherine Zeta Jones Casting

    By daniel on 2000-11-30

    Interesting news today about Catherine Zeta Jones. However, I can’t help think that these are false. This report comes from the “DPA”, which is similair to the “German Press Agency” or “Reuters”.

    London (DPA) – Catherine Zeta Jones (31), actress and new wife of Michael Douglas, is to play the new Bond-Girl. She has already completed some screen test shooting to play on side of Pierce Brosnan in the 20th Bond “Beyond The Ice”, reports UK newspaper The Mirror on Wednesday. According to the paper, she should play the female partner of 007.

    A Manager of Eon was cited as saying, “Catherine is alive, independent and very beautiful – a deadly combination for a glamerous spy”. It only has to be checked, if Zeta Jones has time for the shooting. The new Bond-Movie is set for cinemas in 2002 and it will be Brosnan’s last one. The bad guy will be played by Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey (“American Beauty”), shooting locations are Alaska, Ireland, United Kingdom and Washington.

    Though there’s some good news about the film in there I can’t help notice the fact that The Mirror reported this news. Remember, back in May 2000 when they reported that Edward Woodward would replace Dame Judi Dench in the role of ‘M’? Well that was disproved and so may this be. Then again, they may be becoming more and more reliable. What I would definetley rule out is their insistance on the shooting locations, these would be totally non-confirmed. The UK (ie. Great Britain) would be real as the MI-6 scene atleast whereas the other three and simple rumours.

    I can’t help thinking that sites such as ours may be the source of The Mirror’s EON insider. Back in May 2000 three days before The Mirror posted their article I reported news that she may resign (I received it in an e-mail) and three days later hey presto it’s in the news! Now with this news Catherine Zeta Jones has been discussed ‘thoroughly’ on the newsgroups and bulliten boards, as has the possibility of a great actor such as Kevin Spacey. Though I will not rule out this report in total I must say that it seems that The Mirror are using the internet fans as their ‘inside source’.