1. The Ice Becomes Infected & Matthew Perry Get's A Mention

    By daniel on 2001-01-02

    Happy New Year to begin with, from all the Bond 20 Staff.

    The IMDB have now listed Bond 20 as a working project here. With some pushing from me (lot’s of e-mails) they removed the title as being “Beyond The Ice” and have taken it back to Bond 20. Despite this there is something interesting on their page, a working title, and no it’s not Beyond The Ice. It is in fact “The Infection of the Ice”. Sound interesting? You bet!!

    Speaking of odd Bond rumours, the latest casting one has hit some major outlets like “Good Day LA” on FOX which are reporting Matthew Perry is in negotiations to play the role once Brosnan leaves.

    Also you may be interested to know that EON have denied Kevin Spacey’s involvement in Bond 20. Thanks to everyone who sent in that info :), also sorry for listing your names but there are 18 of you :).

    Enjoy 2001!