1. Daniel Craig Discusses The Importance Of Non-Bond Roles

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-02-26

    As CBn reported yesterday, Daniel Craig unfortunately missed out on the award in the Best Supporting Male category after being nominated for his role in Infamous at the Independent Spirit Awards.

    In an interview on, the James Bond star discussed the importance of independent films such as Infamous.

    ‘I mean, for me it’s crucially important,’ said Craig when asked why it was important to do independent films in addition to blockbusters such as Casino Royale. ‘It’s kind of like it’s where you get… Independent movies are what shore up the film industry. It’s where people get their experience as well. It’s what I’ve done; it’s what I’ve been doing for all of my career. It’s where I learned my trade.’

    When asked about his nomination, Craig said, ‘It means a tremendous amount to me. I’m very proud of the movie we did and hopefully we can share it about a bit with everybody who was involved in it.’

    ‘I don’t know,’ he replied when asked about what made an independent film more rewarding than an action film. ‘I like working so I don’t really make that comparison. You do have more freedom in movies like that because there are less constraints. You can tackle difficult subjects and that, I think, is important.’

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