1. Gretchen Mol Rumoured As Bond Girl

    By daniel on 2000-05-02

    Proposed Bond Girl news has today moved away from Sharon Stone to a sexier blonde actress: Gretchen Mol. According to ‘Domain’ the actress has met with Producer Barbara Broccoli about the role:

    “Actress Gretchen Mol (The Thirteenth Floor, Rounders) has met with Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, producers of the James Bond Series. It is believed that Mol is being considered for the role of James Bond’s leading lady after proving herself as a leading lady in several of her recent films. Mol wioll appear in Picnic later this year. The 20th James Bond film is expected to be released in 2001.”

    As yet it is still early days, however, with news turning away from Sharon Stone to more serious contenders it is likely that Gretchen Mol may appear in the 20th installment of the James Bond Series. Thanks to Susan for the transcript and the tip-off.