1. 'With a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window.'

    By Evan Willnow on 2007-02-09

    Evan Willnow

    It was Major Boothroyd who gave James Bond his trademark PPK before Bond set off to face to villainous Dr. No, For builders of LEGO® James Bond models like myself, we finally have an armourer of our own to similarly equip our James Bond LEGO mini-figures.

    PPK Spy Pistol

    PPK Spy Pistol

    PPK Tactical Spy Pistol

    PPK Tactical Spy Pistol

    That armourer is Will Chapman, owner and operator of BrickArms, a small toy company specializing in original, custom designed LEGO-compatible weapons and custom minifigs.

    BrickArms’ big news this week is the addition of their take on the famous Walther PPK. Or more accurately their two takes on the PPK, as BrickArms now offer the PPK Spy Pistol and the PPK Tactical Spy Pistol which is the regular PPK with a silencer. Both are the perfect weapons for the well-armed plastic British secret agent.

    BrickArms recently sent us one of the prototypes of the PPK Tactical Spy Pistol for our opinion of it.

    And my opinion: Wow! It looks fantastic. The PPK shows Mr Chapman’s knack for putting just the right amount of detail into his weapons to make them look just as if LEGO had made them.

    The PPK is not the only weapon BrickArms offers that would fit in to a LEGO James Bond builder’s arsenal. Other weapons include: SW500 Magnum Revolver for those San Monique models, the PSG1 Sniper Rifle that’s sure to scare the living daylights out of any one, the M47 Shotgun (rock salt not included), and the M1911 .45 cal Handgun which is handy for keeping those French free-runners from escaping the embassy. Just to name a few of their 20 or so LEGO-compatible weapons.

    SW500 Magnum Revolver

    M1911 .45 cal Handgun

    PSG1 Sniper Rifle

    MP5 9mm SMG

    RPG Rocket Grenade

    M23 Pistol

    The well armed plastic spy

    To top it all, BrickArms will even sell you the Spy. BrickArms’ custom Spy figure includes: Black Minifig with custom printed dinner jacket decal with color and metallics inks, the black BrickArms PPK Tactical Spy Pistol (the one with the silencer), a brown briefcase with hidden modified BrickArms Uzi and spare magazine.

    Okay, you may ask yourself as a LEGO snob and a bit of a purist, (never shall that other block company’s merchandise ever cross my door) how can I look you in the eyes and recommend using a custom part? For me, it all comes down to the goals of my models. My goal is to make James Bond models how LEGO would make them had they the rights. If LEGO did have licencing rights for the James Bond series, I am sure Bond‘s gun would look very much like that of BrickArms.

    That is better than good enough for me.

    Each of of BrickArms weapons are $1US each. The Spy is priced at $20US. See BrickArms website for more details on pricing and shipping. They do ship nearly worldwide.