1. Bond Car and Bruce Feirstein

    By daniel on 2000-04-06

    There’s a double lot of Bond 20 News today. While the world is sleeping I’m researching. Let’s begin with a gadget in Bond 20. 007’s car is something that all fans are always interested. Since GoldenEye 007 has driven some stunning BMW’s and left the Aston Martin’s behind, however, it looks like he may be returing to the Aston Martin’s! CNN’s Showbiz News has reported that the British Trade Union for Automobile Construction, the the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union, has requested that Bond start driving British car’s once again. To see the full article click here. I must warn you that I see very little happening because of the call. So far EON has been happy with BMW’s performance and benefits, so Aston Martin would have to come up with a brilliant bonus for the 007 Team. I say that we’ll see Bond in a BMW again even though a spokeswoman for Eon Productions says she doesn’t expect a decision on the request until later this year.

    In other news Bruce Feirstein has thanked us for acting so quickly on the false rumour that was posted on the 4th of April. He has also revealed a tad of information! He hasn’t had anything to do with Bond since November of 1999. At the moment he is writing a script for another movie. But Bond fans don’t despair, personally I’m sure that Feirstein’s quill will once again reach out to the James Bond world and we’ll be left with another excellent James Bond film!