1. Bruce Feirstein Speaks With Daniel Dykes

    By daniel on 2000-04-05

    As most of you would know yesterday there was a post about an interview with James Bond Scribe Bruce Feirstein. We can now say that that particular rumour was totally false! We have been in touch with certain people and we can say that it was some sort of April Fool’s day joke. However, some good has come of it: Bruce Feirstein himself has e-mailed us a statement about the rumour and we have it here as an exclusive:

    “I have no idea who or what Next Hollywood magazine is. Every single word in this “tip” is a total fabrication – or, in less polite terms, bullshit. It’s indicitave of how little you can trust anything you read on the net. I suppose the goal here was to hype something. But why anyone would waste their time, energy, or money reading a magazine that’s obviously making up stories, and then planting them to hype the publication, is beyond me.”

    As a chief editor of Blue Haze I must apologise to all our readers and Bruce Feirstein for this post. We were unaware and were relying to heavily on Dark Horizons. We did attempt to locate a web site for ‘Next Hollywood’ but couldn’t manage to do so, and to this moment I still don’t know if ‘Next Hollywood’ even exists. Sorry to all those who were either hurt or misinformed by this rumours. Moreover, a very big thank you to Bruce Feirstein for setting the records straight with Bond 20 @ Blue Haze Movies